Carnival Cruises New York on Carnival Miracle-Get in on the Special Rates

Carnival Cruises New York on Carnival Miracle is really affordable when you take advantage of the special rates.  If you are a teacher, or in the military or belong to any of the myriad of groups that Carnival recognizes, you are in for a great discount. Check out Carnival Cruises from New York in May and book early. Check out the Carnival Miracle Activities Guide to  find out everything a Carnival Cruise has to offer. Comfortable cushioned lounge chairs and beverage service is just the ticket to recharge your batteries and grueling hours and deadlines. Impeccable service and a superb menu are the foundation for an outstanding dining experience. There’s the Waterworks with its whirling slides and water sprays that help to keep the kids entertained. However if boredom is a problem for the younger set, there are activities at Camp Carnival, Club O2 and Circle “C”. The best part of tropical vacation packages on Carnival Cruises Glory is that most of the food and activities are included in the price of your fare. Sorry, alcohol costs extra, but iced tea and lemonade are included. So kick back and relax, it can be done on a Carnival Cruise!

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