Autumn Our Style on the Carnival Paradise

Just as the air turns as crisp as the falling leaves, we’ll be headed for Baja onCarnival Paradise the Carnival Paradise! We took a look at the cabins on the Paradise, and reserved one with a balcony! I’m already fantasizing about room service while we look out at the ocean. There’s something to do for everybody, and grown ups are certainly included. I know we’ll hang out at the Serenity Retreat and check out the mini golf. Then there’s the casino, shows in the main lounge, dancing, and several clubs where we can just hold hands and chat. Those heavenly spa massages are definitely in our plans. We won’t be going hungry, either, because there’s delicious cuisine in the main dining rooms of the Paradise, and the Lido for casual meals and snacks. The fact that we’ll see Catalina Island and Ensenada is icing on the cake! I’m so glad he and I will have this time all to ourselves onboard the Carnival Paradise next October!

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