Cruise Advice

Looking for advice about buying a cruise? We have assembled several articles that will help you make informed cruise buying decisions.

How Much Does a Cruise Vacation Cost?

A typical cruiser can expect to spend an additional 40-60% above what they paid on the actual cruise fare. So, what will you be spending your money on, and, how can you keep the costs of a cruise down?

Secrets That Smart Cruise Shoppers Know

8 Tips on how to save money on a cruise that every cruise shopper must know.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy A Cruise?

Not all cruise retailers are the same. Some charge service fees. Others don’t. Find out what to look for when buying a cruise what to look for when buying a cruise.

Cruise Line Air Advice

Should you buy your airline ticket from the cruise line? Learn how to save money when buying an airline ticket with your cruise.

How to Pick the Best Cabin

Not every cabin on a cruise ship is necessarily the same. Learn the secrets that cruise experts know about how to choose a cabin on a cruise ship.

Carnival Cruise Deals Secrets and Tips

Learn about ‘Onboard Credit’, ‘Cabin Category Upgrades’, ‘Senior Rates’, ‘Military Rates’, ‘Balcony Sale’ and ‘Resident Rates’? Learn how to get a great deal on a Carnival Cruise!

Buying Cruise Vacation Protection

Is cruise insurance a scam? Well, that would be too strong a statement. But, there are some cruise insurance policys that are better than others.

Cruise Line Shore Excursion Advice

Should you buy cruise shore excursions from the cruise line, or, are you best to buy them online? What you need to know before you buy a shore excursion. pass it dump What you need to know before you buy a shore excursion.